ThermoART PVC dividers are for people, who worry for such features as security, original window structure, noise insulation and thermal insulation. ThermoART PVC windows save energy because of massive frames or thermal efficient glass component, but because of it’s unique heat insulation armature, which can’t be impacted by corrosion. ThermoART windows are not just stronger and warmer, however, also stronger.

Exactly what you have to find out about ThermoART model?

◆ Energy prices are continuously increasing, therefore, it is worth to invest in energy efficient buildings. ThermoART PVC dividers are created to meet nearly every dependence on energy efficient building.
◆ Due to the physical properties of warm-edge spacer manufactured from PVC, which can be used from the glassing, it improves not only single insulation properties of ThermoART PVC windows but also avoids the potential window edge weeping during summer time.

Services and products that may be constructed of ThermoART model:
◆ PVC windows;
◆ Inward opening balcony doors;
◆ sliding doors.