PVC terrace doors are functional, durable, and fits the building’s facade and both the inside. Doors are characterized by lighter design and a threshold, which can be specially adapted to exit to the terrace.

What you should know about patio doors?
◆ Terrace windows and doors may have fitting shape if they’re made from the same PVC windows and doorways model;
◆ Terrace doors may be two layer or 3 layer glass components with ornament, reflective, toned or frosted glasses.
◆ Also, it is possible to order glass mullion glued on the glass or inside of the glass.

Outward-opening terrace doors:

Inward-opening terrace doors:

Ideas: PVC doors have been produced according to individual orders. Doors made from modern materials are durable. They’re resistant to the effect of moisture, so therefore they serve as the external partitioning for very humid regions — areas that are similar, cellars and swimming pools. At the building outside, but at the interior, they find a place due to the diversity of colours as well. Our plastic door and window colour palette are the same, thus there’s absolutely no problem to match with each other. Reliable mechanisms of doors improve their functionality, therefore they are used not just in buildings however in items that are public. PVC doors are warm and probably the doors in Ireland. Worth this, please!