This version has become easily the version in our windows variety. This model is a frequent choice made not only by private clients but by professionals too (construction businesses, etc.). These PVC windows have ideal technical data, classic design and reasonable cost.

What you should know about StandART version?

◆ Technical parameters such as StandART window beat all its competitors.
◆ StandART windows equipped with 3 coating glass components (width of 44 mm) achieve Uw-values of 1,0 W/m2K.
◆ This model attractiveness of costs will be based on productive manufacture, not on conserving materials.
◆ If you’re searching for great quality dividers for the reasonable price, StandART model is a very good choice.

Products which can be manufactured from StandART version:
◆ PVC Baths;
◆ Inward and outward opening balcony doors;
◆ Sliding doors
◆ Interior doors;
◆ Entrance doors.