StandART+ PVC windows model is just a quite new product in our scope. It’s a great contrast to your window models due to its profile that’s made of a recycled plastic. One of the reasons to make use of that kind of vinyl in the production of the chimney is that our involvement. The other rationale is related to great technical properties of recycled vinyl.

Durability, heat saving design and practical price count because of chief benefits of StandART+ model. Despite the undeniable fact that StandART+ model is made having a width of 73 mm, it could achieve a + class energy efficiency. StandART+ PVC windows locate that a usage by private customers or households within communities but also by specialists in order to do even level projects.

What you have to know about StandART+ model?

◆ Because of their higher glazing region StandART+ PVC windows make the rooms brighter.
◆ StandART+ PVC dividers equipped with 3 layer glass units (width of 44 mm) achieve Uw-values of 0,8 W/m2K and match the passive house requirements.
◆ If you’re looking for exceptionally energy efficient windows for your fair price, StandART+ model will be a perfect option!

Services and products that can be Made from StandART+ model:

◆ PVC windows
◆ Inward opening balcony doors