Sliding doors are turning into one of the most popular structures from the assumptions space is restricted. Glass surfaces include light, comfort and liberty to your living room. This sort of doorways is the optimal solution if you have little or restricted space in your house. By slipping to offer sliding doors open.

Aveplast provides three Kinds of sliding doors:

1. Sliding doors (PS gateway ) — the sliding doors don’t open in the inside, but the foliage slides parallel to the frame facing its own fixed part. Simple rotation to 90 levels of the deal provides practically opening of this fold. The solution would be the application of furniture with the forced operation.

2. Tilt and slide doors (PSK portal) — the machine are superior to ordinary sliding doors. It is a solution that guarantees accessibility that is big equally in a room and in a little, maintaining insulation that is good. Their hardy energy efficient layout contributes to cost savings for your house. By slipping to offer a large space great for the summertime the doors open. They may be tilted inwards for controlled and efficient ventilation whilst maintaining your house and family safe and protected.

The PSK sliding doors system could be assembled on the basis of one of five different profiles: StandArt, ClasicArt, FutureArt, FutureArt+ and ThermoArt. It’s a traditional solution for garden or patio entrances.

3. Lift and slide doors (HS portal) — HS Portal opens the door to bigger entry into the fresh air, more freedom of motion and a lot of light through bigger pane sizes — it is a popular selection for a living now. HS is a perfect solution in the areas where comfort and distance are important. Low threshold empowers motion, which can be vital in the event of children.

A system of levers and wheels lifts off the panel the sill enabling motion of big panels with little work. Sash weights of around 400 kg may be operated effortlessly safely and easily.

Sliding doors Can Be Found in 6 mixes

According to the requirements, you can choose one of 4 different Kinds of HS sliding doors:

We provide practical an elegant and powerful handles to create the very best of your lift and slide doors.