Outside doors are constructions that are necessary for each building whether it is organizational construction or private house.

These structures have several important functions: warmth and protection maintaining. We noticed that clients often choose more and more interesting outside doors’ design within the past few years. That is why”Aveplast” retains attention not only to technical characteristics but to chance to select a model too.

What you ought to know about doors?

Outdoor doors can be made from these models:

Recommendations: PVC doors have been produced according to individual orders. Plastic doors produced by modern materials are very durable. They are resistant to the effect of moisture, therefore they function as great external partitioning for very humid areas — swimming pools, cellars and similar places. Due to the diversity of colours, they easily find a place not only in the building exterior but at the inside also. Our plastic door and window colour palette is exactly the same, thus there’s absolutely no problem to coincide with each other. Reliable mechanisms of vinyl doors improve their functionality, so they are often used not just in residential buildings but in general public objects too. PVC doors are hot and possibly the most functional doors in Lithuania these days. Worth this!