FutureART+ PVC doors and windows are mixtures of advanced solutions that give the opportunity to keep A++ power efficiency, ideal light transmission, solid insulation and only good hermetic features. FutureART+ PVC windows and doors are fantastic for buildings that are found in the regions where strong wind or rain is common. Additionally, it is the sensible decision for passive homes, since the standard of FutureART+ model is reached by using innovative alternatives instead of using tons of expensive materials.

What you should know about FutureART+ model?

◆ The glass unit of the version is invisibly into PVC profile 22 mm. Glass unit is made of 3 transparent glasses (just two of them — low emission glass) with a warm-edge spacer made from PVC between them. In addition, there is an added seal at the centre of a glass device. This innovative solution ensures hermetic features for FutureART+ PVC windows and doors.
◆ At the centre of FutureART+ window framework, there is yet another feather-shape seal that insulates sound and ensures perfect thermal features.
◆ FutureART+ PVC includes improved-safety bindings.

Products which can be made of FutureART+ version:
◆ PVC windows;
◆ Inward opening balcony doors;
◆ Sliding and entrance doors.